B.T.S. with B.Towner Photography

I recently had the chance to collaborate with my friend Brandon of B. Towner Photography and gorgeous model Yamillette Flores. B. is a veteran, like myself, who has discovered a love of shooting environmental fashion portraits. Personally, I’ve always loved fashion photography. I still subscribe to printed magazines like Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar just to see the fashion photography editorials. Gucci ads are always my favorite because I never know what to expect (see examples below).

B. has been around since the start of my “insta-photography” journey, and we’ve always said one day we would collaborate, and that one day finally came. Nobody ever shoots the photographer and sees what it takes to get those angles, so I thought it would be cool to document him in action. Who better to shoot the photographer than another photographer?? I also got a few individual portraits of B. for branding purposes (and obviously, Yami let him in on some modeling tips).

I didn’t realize how much I missed creating with other people in person until this happened. We made magic. All of our energies meshed, and we worked well as a team. Since last March, I’ve worked alone due to the pandemic, and I was starting to crack. I needed this experience, and I’m glad I finally got it out of my system (safely).

It was fun being the behind the scenes shooter, a lot less pressure on my end, and a quick and straightforward editing process. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you would notice this is a break from the norm. This is actually my first time sharing my portrait work with you all, so be gentle lol.

We shot in Downtown San Diego at Harbor Drive Pedestrian Bridge and the San Diego Convention Center. I had so much fun working with these two, and I’m looking forward to more collaborations in the future.

More of these shoots, please!!!

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