OB Meets Venice

Some of the best photos that I’ve ever shot are the spontaneous ones, and even the ones I doubted I’d like at all. This was a different situation, mostly user error, but more on that later… The cars in these photos caught my eye while I was wandering through Ocean Beach a few weeks ago, and the palms you see in the bottom were shot from my hotel balcony in Venice Beach, California, just three nights ago.

I wanted a vintage 35mm camera for the longest, and last Christmas, I finally got an Olympus OM-2n. I also thought this would be a nice way to commemorate finishing my Photography & Digital Imaging degree (go me!). It was between this camera and a Canon AE-1, but I wanted to branch outside of Canon for once. I have no regrets with this decision.. even when I’m not out shooting i’m swooning over how beautifully made it is and how it feels in my hands.

I’ve been slowly adjusting to this beauty of a camera which is entirely manual. Not that shooting in manual mode is an issue for me… It’s having to manually adjust everything else (focus, iso, f.stop, etc.) in what feels like all at once. Another adjustment for me is this camera’s black light meter which is off to the side when looking through the viewfinder. It’s not as easy to find in some situations as my other cameras with well-lit light meters centered near the bottom. So I’ve not only had to train my hands for shooting with this camera, but I’ve also had to retrain my eye in metering my photos, causing me to slow down and think through each shot.

Olympus OM-2n w/ 28mm Vivitar Lens

Overall, I love this new challenge. I wanted this camera so that I could push myself to become better at what I do. I always say that shooting film makes better photographers, especially when you have full creative control. I’m never too proud to say I don’t know everything. Lots of practice and Youtube videos keep me afloat, and if I don’t know something, I will find it out and try it repeatedly until I master it. Then I’ll get bored and move onto something new 🙂

So about how I ended up with these interesting shots…

I dropped my film off for processing and scanning yesterday at my go-to photo lab here in SD. When I first received the email with these photos I was surprised and somewhat disappointed with what I saw. I had no intention of creating double exposures, but this is what I shot. After looking at them a second time I realized they were actually pretty cool. It’s only the first roll I’ve ever shot on this camera, and although I didn’t anticipate any of this, I love them! They’re very So-Cal to me. And although the photos are between exposures and imperfect, they work in an unconventional way.

My best guess for what happened is not loading/advancing the film correctly?? Either way, lesson learned, more Youtube videos to watch, and I think I’d like to make more double exposures in the future but INTENTIONALLY.

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